Will Generation Z Revolutionize the Real estate market?

To better be aware of the difference in attitude between Generation Z, Millennials and Generation X towards homeownership, intergenerational living and saving for that advance payment, PropertyShark conducted a generational survey with their preferences.

  • Generation Z have their own eye on homeownership, with 83% thinking about buying a home over the next 5 years
  • College debt is the #1 obstacle towards homeownership for Millennials and Generation Z
  • Generation X chooses intergenerational living to tend to relatives more often than every other generation
  • Generation Z is able to compromise on almost anything to keep costs down C but desires of lots of space and amenities
  • Generation Z to pose serious competition to Millennials to the property market
  • Millennials tend to be more realistic relating to means, as well as most pessimistic in regards to the prospect of homeownership