Biden tweets “achievements” in dealing with epidemic situation

“I’m proud to say that I’ve helped.” Nearly one hundred days after taking office, Biden began to boast of his “achievements” on the 24th local time.

US President Biden’s official tweet said on the 24th, “before taking office, I promised to help. I’m on my way. Only three months later, I’m proud to say that I’ve helped. We have issued more than 150 million relief checks, received more than 200 million doses of vaccine, and are trying to rebuild a better home every day. ”

Biden has said since winning the election that his first 100 days in office are very important. Consequently, he formulated many plans, including the goal of “100 million doses of vaccine within 100 days of taking office”; In addition, the U.S. government has also directly distributed cash cheques to the people to relieve the epidemic. USA Today reported on March 10 that in the next few weeks, most people in the United States will receive $1400 epidemic relief money from the government, which will be directly transferred to the people’s bank account. For individuals who do not have a confirmed account, the U.S. government will send them in the form of debit cards or checks.

American netizens responded differently to Biden’s boastful and confident statement.

Some people agree and show their admiration.

“Thank you, President Biden.”

“Well done.”

But there are also complaints.

Some netizens Tucao said, “you didn’t make complaints about the $2000 check you promised, and only cashed for a month. What’s the use?”

Some people also feel that it is not enough, “but these relief checks are only one-time, and the epidemic continues. Where are our relief checks for the next month and the following months before the vaccination? ”

Many people also mentioned India, where the epidemic situation is severe recently, and called on the US government, “great. Now please send the vaccine raw materials to India. ”

“India needs your help.”

Prawala, chief executive of serum Research Institute of India, has publicly called on the United States to release the export of raw materials for new crown vaccines and lift the ban to increase the production of vaccines in India. However, regarding the needs of India, US State Department spokesman price said that the United States will focus on controlling the domestic epidemic and give priority to vaccinating the American people. As for the US’s practice of turning a deaf ear to the terrible situation in India and other countries seriously affected by the epidemic, the times of India said on the 24th that anti US and anti Western sentiment broke out among Indian netizens, and some even condemned Biden’s government, saying, “is this the act of an ally?”